New partnership in Switzerland

Our new partnership with DISTONA AG makes ipox products available in Switzerland. We are proud to serve this interesting market together with our highly motivated partners. Please find additional information and contact details at www.distona.ch.

New products: emission- and plasticizer-free

fast curing hardener
ipox XEH 14005-11
100% solid content, zero VOC, alkylphenol free
An epoxy hardener of low viscosity with very fast curing!

emulsion epoxy resin with fine particles:
ipox XER 13035-7
67% epoxy resin in water, zero VOC

water emulsifiable epoxy components:
ipox ER 1030W
100% emulsifiable epoxy resin, 100% reactive emulsifier
Manufacture your own epoxy emulsion with very small-sized particles!

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